Erratum for Previous Devotional Kits

Jul 1st 2021

We will try to keep this post up to date with known errata as we become aware of them.  For restocks, hopefully we have remembered to correct these before reprinting the books, so these may not apply to your restocked kit!

Erratum for Facing Fear

Day 13:  Bottom of page 29, verse reference should be Hebrews :1.

Erratum for Fear the Lord

Day 11:  Bottom of page 24, the reference to Proverbs 111:5 should refer to Proverbs 15:16.

Errata for Grow in Grace (shipped before 7/1/21)

Flashcard, Cornerstone: The verse reference should read, 1 Thessalonians 2:13

Flashcard, Study:  The verse reference should read, 2 Timothy 2:15

Erratum for This I Know!

Day 4: The reference to Psalm 90:1 should actually be a reference to Psalm 19:1.

25 Gifts of God Errata

Day 10: This devotional references Noah and "The book of Noah." Obviously there is no Book of Noah! Please excuse this mis-reference. Every occurrence of Noah should clearly refer to Jonah instead. There is certainly a humbling irony with this, given the topic of the day's devotional is how God uses imperfect people.

Day 25: This is intended to be a 1 page devotional (just as the other days are). The facing page was intended to be blank for adding personal notes. However, this was unintentionally printed with the last day of For the Glory of God. You aren't missing any part of the devotional!